Terms of Service


At HammerHead Wrestling Academy we will be doing exercises and live wrestling.  As with any sport, injuries are possible.  When you sign the electronic signature on the registration form, you agree to not hold HammerHead Wrestling Academy, Keller ISD, or any of the Coaches liable for injuries that may occur in practice or competition.   Type your name as an electronic signature to agree to the terms of service.

USA Wrestling Membership

Go to https://www.usawmembership.com/login to get your USA Wrestling Membership.  YOu will need this to get your Track Wrestling Number which will be required to sign up for any tournaments.

Team Store

Visit our Team Store and order HammerHead Apparel.  You need to order a blue singlet by October 15th so we have them for our first competition.   You will need shorts , t-shirt, wrestling shoes, and headgear for practice and competition.  You can get those at our Team Store, or if you want to shop in person, Academy should be able to help.