Registration Fee

What does it cost to Wrestle?   We believe in charging you only for what your want.  We have over $700 worth of practices and gear for the 2019-2020 school year.  You can do as many practices and buy as much gear as you want.

Step One is to Register.  Basic Registration is $90, but you can get a $40 discount if you already have a current USA Wrestling Card.  Do not purchase your USA Wrestling Card until September 1st as they expire on August 31 each year.  There is also options to purchase a singlet, head gear, quarter-zip, and backpack.  If you do not want those items, take the discount.

Step Two is to select your practice plan.  You can select all or just one.  So, even though it may say $400 on the initial screen, the most you will pay would be $300 if you do the Big Ten, HammerHead, and Freestyle/Greco.

$50 for Big Ten

$150 for HammerHead

$100 for HammerHead Tot

$100 For Freestyle/Greco

If you want the 3rd practice per week, also register for State Champ Camp.  We are going to have you register for that separately just for attendance and book keeping purposes.  Sorry.  We try to make the registration process as easy as way can.

Also remember this is a family rate.  If you have more than one sibling, ignore the practice fees for your least expensive athlete.  Every member of the family needs to register, however, as we must have USA Wrestling cards on file for everybody, and I want everybody to look like a team.  I want you in that practice gear.  You can register at the link below 

You may pay online at the end of registration or you may opt to pay later.  In order to receive gear, you must register by November 1st.  Practice fees can happen later if need be.  You can pay monthly for practice fees if you wish.  You can pay by cash or by using Paypal.  If using Paypal send the money to                                                                                                           


Click to get your USA Wrestling Membership

You will get this with Registration

One Short


One T-Shirt


One Long Sleeve T-Shirt


These are also options

HammerHead Singlet


HammerHead QuarterZip

Custom HammerHead Back Pack