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Our Packages


Silver Package HS/MS $155

Appropriate for the High School or Middle School athlete looking to supplement his or her school practices once per week Nvember - February!.  High School night is Monday.  Middle School night is Tuesday.  You will receive HammerHead Workout Gear with this package.  As a member of HammerHead Wrestling Academy, you are eligible to purchase our custom folkstye singlet for $25.  Practice is from 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm.

Gold Package (K-6) $255

This fee includes a workout gear package.  Practices are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6  pm - 7:10 pm November - February.  We have a dual meet schedule for our beginners.  Matches are on Wednesday and Thursdays.   Tournaments are available for our advanced wrestlers for an additional fee.  As a member of HammerHead Wrestling Academy, you can purchase our Custom Folkstyle Singlet for $25.  

Platinum Package is for Advanced Wrestlers (7-12) $255

Athletes younger than 7th grade may petition in to this group.  This is for the advanced athlete  that can handle multiple clubpractices in addition to their High school/Middle School Practice Schedule.  We will build champions here!  Members may purchase our custom Folkistyle singlet for only $25!

Private Lessons

Greg Wilson will offer Private Lessons to it's members.  Cost of private lessons are based on a rate of $50/hour for two people.  We will do a maximum of two groups at a time.